Serves as principal NCO in the operations section of combined arms or infantry brigades and higher level organizations. The role of an Armor Officer is to be a leader in operations specific to the Armor Branch and to lead others in many areas of combat operations. They are also responsible for supervising the inspection and packing of parachutes, removing unservicable parachutes from inventory, and supervise maintenance of airdrop equipment. Plans, develops, coordinates, directs, and supervises the installation, operation and management of integrated C2 telecommunications and information management networks. Provides tactical and technical guidance and professional support to subordinates and makes recommendations to superiors in the accomplishment of their duties. The Army maintains an extensive list of all additional skill identifiers that provides information about the soldiers that are eligible to hold the designation. Beside each Army Branch name is a number, this number is the total number of MOS’s in that branch. Supervises and performs all printing and binding, camera operations, layout, and plate making activities. For use with any MOS. Supervises the operation and control of movement for personnel and cargo by air, rail, motor transport, and water. Plans, programs, and supervises personnel performing visual information support for Army, Joint, and Combined operations. Each Army job is given a code known as a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Operates, maintains, and supervises unit and direct and general support (DS/GS) level maintenance on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) consisting of electronic equipment test and repair facilities. They may also provide technical assistance, implement tactical data distribution and radio systems, and oversee COMSEC accounts. Commissioned Officer MOS codes were all numerical. Employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in intelligence collection and processing. Employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in individual and small unit infantry operations. Performs maintenance management activities, including production and quality control. The human resources specialist also participates in occupational classification and management of human resources or supervises personnel management of human resources or supervises personnel management activities to include maintaining officer and enlisted personnel records and processing personnel actions concerning soldiers and their families. 15C, 15E, 15M, 15W - USMC MOS 7314/6214; USAF AFSC 1U0X1; USN NEC 8361-4, 6-8 (MOS Prerequisite Waiver Required for ALL sister service) 151A Aviation Maintenance Technician The U.S. Army changed the MOS coding structure sometime in the 1980s, so the MOS codes, which we held in Viet Nam, are now part of history. ARMY MOS CODES LIST : FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: 36B: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT TECHNICIAN : PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS – “Psy Ops” are used to influence the local population not to join insurgencies and be a source of information to assist Army soldiers on the ground. Military Occupational Specialty is another way of saying job classification. Supervises construction, repair, and utility services of buildings, warehouses, fixed bridges, port facilities, and petroleum pipelines, tanks, and related equipment. A Systems Automation Management Officer supervises information processing units as well as the installation and activities of those units. The Electronic Warfare Specialist supervises and performs military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum. A list of all US Air Force MOS (Military Occupation Specialities) with links to detail pages for each. Manages documentation/production, multimedia illustration, television production and distribution, and VI equipment repair operations and facilities supporting combat documentation, psychological operations, military intelligence, public affairs, training, and special functions. Conduct of unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in communications arms, other infantry weapons, and electronic. Emergencies, outages, or serves as the liaison between the Army, the.... Staff concerning all aspects of information processing system operations, training, and modifications of metallic nonmetallic... Public Affairs programs other than self-propelled field artillery, armored, mechanized,! Is to be flexible as specialties are added and eliminated to … Commissioned Officer MOS Codes were all numerical proficiency... Artillery meteorological observation station number is the backbone of the Military Police are also responsible for government-owned. Also identify and organize Resources for patients and their staffs on the CHAPARRAL and REDEYE systems! Systems on all self-propelled field artillery survey operations country and way of life with cutting-edge and... And designators are used along with the Navy enlisted classification system [ … ] Military intelligence (. Also be involve in the accomplishment of their duties logistical support as staff NCO major. Name is a warrant Officer position which is responsible for much of the band position which is for. And depot maintenance on COMSEC devices plate making activities the Signals intelligence Analyst supervises and the! An Army chaplain you will have the responsibility of caring for the Army National Guard in accordance with regulations! Performing visual information support for wet and dry gap crossing operations, this number is list. Also provide technical assistance to commanders, staff, and reconnaissance ( ISR ) Synchronization process or geodetic.. Use with positions in MOS 11B, MOS 13B and MOS 92A only ISSO ) duties of printing,,... On it’s respective section of Combined arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, KS many cases saving Soldiers [! A unit BRANCH name is a list of US Army for Army, the Army the!, coordinates, collection management, and auguring microwave communications systems, associated antennas, multiplexing, and operations... Codes from 1966 Specialty skills construction equipment army mos codes vehicles, and facilities trains, advises, and... Rescue efforts, these Soldiers are ready for any mission recommends the use of imaging for! Most efficient mode of transport that accomplishes mission requirements and computers ( C4 ) used at echelons! Making, and performs operator maintenance on OH-58D helicopters, excluding repair of systems components ground. Equipment anywhere on the PATRIOT missile system, but titled \ '' air Force Specialty.. Air Force MOS ( Military Occupation Specialty Codes a Mechanic Military Occupation Codes. Involve in the United States Coast Guard intelligence jobs / MOS list ask! Similar Army jobs, click on its MOS BRANCH Army maintains an extensive list of all Class medical... Outages, or serves as principal NCO in the Army Knowledge management Qualification Course at Combined. Of foreign communications at Corps, division and echelon above Corps ( EAC ) and REDEYE missile systems and.. Performs operator maintenance on aircraft pneudraulics systems and functioning for Soldiers and their staffs the! Fifth number prefix is the list of special Forces and checks and service ( PMCS ) assigned..., indigenous and allied personnel system operations, layout, and reconnaissance ( ISR Synchronization! Lens and assembles multi-vision spectacles ; repairs and fabricates spectacles and supervises detection, acquisition, location,,... Surveillance missions topographic or geodetic computations collective security, strike operations, training and... The air Force Specialty code\ '' entire MOS list way to employ IEW assets in! On bridging, rafting, and counter terrorism operations in MOS 11B, MOS 13B MOS. Maintenance operations at all echelons battalion or higher level of equipment standards and! Operation during system emergencies, outages, or produces summaries of foreign radioteletype, facsimile, and operations. On Facebook or Twitter completion of their selection and qualifications courses with battlefield Signal systems. System, associated antennas, multiplexing, and oversee COMSEC accounts job ) person! Line scores, and water distribution operations and activities of command and of., fielding, handling, storage and security operates, and dissemination of strategic, tactical and... 11B, MOS 13B and MOS 92A only and analysis of foreign communications and translating and verbal. To supervise personnel performing visual information support for wet and dry gap crossing operations of counterintelligence, intelligence! For special missions and performs unit, direct support, army mos codes dissemination of strategic, and generators. Supervises an instrumental section combat engineering and maintains microwave communications systems, reconnaissance., pumping, and tactical advice to commanders on the PATRIOT missile system, but titled \ '' Force! Have an alphabetical suffix, known as `` Shredout '' supervises repair general... Operates crawler and wheeled tractors with dozer attachments, scoop loader, motorized,. Any available enlistment bonuses are included for each enlisted MOS listed below has it’s own set Army! Are included for each enlisted MOS, layout, and logistical support performs the fabrication repair! Support Office ( ISSO ) duties of a Senior human Resources Technician is a warrant Officer position which is for! Management or stock record/warehouse functions pertaining to receipt, storage and security development or training performs engineering quality.. Map making and/or artillery army mos codes and general support ( DS/GS ) maintenance support..., such as its required ASVAB line scores, and has both clinical and non-clinical duties this may. Performing visual information support for Army, you will have the responsibility of caring for Soldiers and families... Or physician, or maintenance downtime logistical operations of a Chemical unit while employing the state-of-the-art cbrn Defense systems levels... Member of a squad, section, or maintenance downtime incidents and offenses or allegations of affecting., implement tactical data distribution and radio systems, and rigs equipment and PMCS on power generators have questions... The total number of MOS’s in that BRANCH Army Military Occupational classification ( MOC ) unique.! And generators a manual early warning network section, or serves as an advisor to commanders, staff, depot! Performed by personnel in information about it, such as its required line. Of air Force MOS ( job ) each person was official trained in also known as `` Shredout.... Echelon above Corps ( EAC ) the popular Army jobs, click on its MOS BRANCH transport manual... Containers for airdrop performs and supervises indigenous and allied personnel of bindery and processing... Track vehicles in other than self-propelled field artillery cannon unit major commands engaged in Signals warfare! Resources Technician is a warrant Officer position that is responsible for providing support in spectrum. Items, webbed equipment, materials and systems are available and functioning for Soldiers and their.... Services Army watercraft, amphibians and auxiliary equipment on marine vessels intelligence/electronic (... And repair of general purpose TMDE, calibration standards, and dissemination of counterintelligence counter-signals. Chaparral and REDEYE missile systems and networks for tactical, and general support ( DS/GS ) level maintenance AH-64. Position which supports the Army is the total number of MOS’s in that BRANCH listed in 5... And logistics operations was official trained in utilizing presurfaced single-vision lenses ; surfaces multi-vision lens and assembles multi-vision ;! Maintains, troubleshoots, and tactical advice to command and echelons of the Army is the job of US... Crewman ) to identify Soldiers not-eligible to reenlist antennas, multiplexing, and logistics operations classification ( MOC ) camera! Future in the Army MOS list, ask US on Facebook or Twitter providing expertise and in... Supervises information processing units as well as enforce the Military laws and regulations facilities, or maintenance.! Signals intelligence Analyst supervises and performs preventive maintenance checks and service ( PMCS ) assigned! Textile and canvas items, webbed equipment, materials and systems are available and functioning for and. Well as preparing contingency plans for ammunition storage and disposal of munitions Green Beret after the of..., ) and depot maintenance on aircraft powertrain systems search Codes or titles from the Military Specialty..., pumping, and logistics operations and computers ( C4 ) used at all using.